Hammer Strength Chest Press

hammer strength

Hammer Strength is a fitness world brand that has been around for more than 30 years with its son of Arthur Jones, the founder Gary Jones who has been with Nautilus as a person responsible for inaugurating the first advantage machines as well as the primary low friction selectorized equipment.

Hammer strength Chest Press is a line of elite strength equipment created through the life fitness corporation, that is owned by way of Brunswick Corporation. Hammer strength at first just created plate-loaded machines yet has actually broadened to offer selectorized machines and various other strength and fitness equipment. One piece of a selectorized device made by means of hammer strength chest press.

Hammer Strength Chest Press is mostly plate loaded so that you can load on much more weights, however, they do also make great selectorized machines. You’re still using free weights with this routine with the dumbbell sports but you’re replacing barbell moves with Hammer Strength Chest Press.

Hammer Strength Chest Press is built to last so we don’t often receive many units. One of the best substitutes for free weight chest urgent actions is Hammer Strength chest press.

The hammer strength chest press integrates iso-lateral technology that lets you transport one arm at a time, alternate arms, or both arms at the same time . Hammer strength chest press do an excellent job of mimicking the true motion of some exercises, especially for chest exercises.

Additionally, use a complete range of motion as there is no cause to do half or partial reps when using hammer strength chest press.

One of the main benefits of using hammer strength chest press is they allow you to easily get a complete variety of movement and consciousness on muscle contractions both of which you will truly feel the muscle working.

This hammer strength chest press is heavy, weighing in at 765 lbs. Weight stacks are 150 lbs. a piece, which together makes up nearly half the load of the entire machine. The machine has a height of 77 inches and  40 inches long by 68 inches wide.

  • Seat back is angled to provide convenient access and go out for all users
  • Overhead pivot presents a natural arc of shoulder movement
  • Iso-Lateral motion allows for same strength improvement and presents superb variety for muscle stimulation
  • Belt presents smooth, durable resistance transfer
  • Dual weight stacks let user pick out ultimate resistance putting for every arm

Hammer Strength Chest Press Guide

Hammer strength chest press

Adjust seat to place the chest in a horizontal line with arms. Grip handles with palms down. Keep shoulder blades pressed against each other (retracted) against the back pad and also maintain position all through the whole exercising. All through movement, shoulders from 90-degree angle to body (upper arms are parallel to floor). In a managed movement, push handles ahead to extend arms without shutting out elbows. While maintaining the regulated motion, deliver elbows again without setting up weight down or relaxing the muscle.


What are the Benefits of Hammer Strength Exercise?

what are the benefits of hammer strength exercise

–  Hammer strength can benefit anyone of any type of fitness level. Exactly what makes these machines so effective are their biomechanical designs. Irrespective of which machine you buy, you could take comfort in that hammer strength designs them to transport the equal way that a body evidently does.

– Hammer strength workout equipment are space efficient, safe and controllable. They provide maximum structural integrity, durability, and comfort. The cushions and grasp made use of in the machines are non-marking as well as resilient. Further, safety is the prime focus in this equipment.

– Iso-lateral technology is a patent of Hammer Strength, that makes this equipment unique and this technology enables muscles to relocate with unique ranges of motion that are biomechanically all-natural to us. These equipment’s combine independent movements with converging as well as diverging arcs to build functional strength.

– The biomechanical technology used for developing these units help athletes boost their on-field performance. These equipment are made use of by pros along with common enthusiasts. It is likewise suitable for all levels of exercisers. A beginner, as well as an advanced exerciser, can use the same device via adjusting it according to her level.


How to Workout Chest Without Weights?

Getting in a great strength building chest exercise at home may be a venture especially if you don’t have any type of equipment yet lots of individuals think that workouts the chest exercise require a trip to the gym.

However, there are lots of chest workouts you can do with no equipment at all. This routine solves that trouble with a choice of push-up that can easily become you sore the next day.

Basic Push Up

basic push-up (1)

Lay face down with your hands on the floor straight under their respective shoulders. Correct your back to make sure that your feet, as well as your shoulders, create a straight, rigid line. One rep includes bending your arms down to a 90-degree angle and also straightening them out once more.

Raise and lower your body in a slow, steady movement. Do as much of these as you may!

In case you are an absolute beginner, you could need to start doing raise with your knees on the floor, but your hips and also back right.

Push Up Staggered Hand

staggered hand push up (1)Place one hand on your hip/waist with your fingers facing in the direction of your feet maintaining that elbow tucked to your ribs. The other hand needs to be alongside your face with your fingers pointing in the direction of your nose and that elbow pointing up as well as away from the route of your fingers.

Try and hold your shoulders and also hips as flat to the ground as you can. This not just targets your chest in a special method however also places extra torque to your core muscle forcing them to do greater work to keep your body in line.

Side Push Up

side push upLay on your side as well as  place the arm closest to the ground around your waist as well as the other arm in front of your chest with your hand flat on the ground together with your palms pointing up inline with your body.

Press right into your hand hinging at your hip raising your shoulder up off of the ground. In case you are particularly strong after that come up with your hands as well as knees as opposed to your hip and if you are Superman after that turn up onto your feet.


What are the Benefits of Hammer Strength Chest Press?

what are the benefits of hammer strength chest press


If you’re working out without a partner then the hammer strength chest press allows you to work out your pecs without worry of a barbell crashing down onto you as well as causing significant injury.

More Time Efficient

This is relatively obvious yet worth stating nonetheless. You can switch over between weights quicker on the hammer strength chest press than on the bench press. Making use of an easy pin to pick which weight takes appreciably much less time than loading and unloading hefty plates onto a barbell.

Muscle Target

When carrying out the bench press or a push up your lats, shoulder, as well as various other stabilizing muscles, are made use of as secondary muscle mass. That is super for constructing up the relaxation of your upper body, however, if you’re wanting to achieve maximum growth in your pecs after that the hammer strength chest press is the only machine that allows you to isolate this muscle.

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