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tai chi shoes

Tai Chi is a Chinese martial art that is practiced for both defenses as well as health advantages. It is a practice that will teach you to have a tough, however, soft movement with your hands and also legs. So in order to help you a better Tai Chi practice, we would like to brief the Tai chi shoes.

The Tai Chi shoes or martial arts slipper is a type as well as a style of cloth slip-on shoes that is typically made in China, and was originally worn while practicing kung fu and also other martial arts, as well as while performing Tai Chi. Variants of this shoes are currently mass-produced for general-purpose wear, and also there are several slightly different styles. These shoes are inexpensive and also are available worldwide.

Some people like to practice in bare feet. For others, it might be hard. Tai Chi shoes offer you good support as well as enhance balance. Sometimes the ground might be uneven or unclean. Additionally, if your feet get cold, it can impede the flow of Qi. For people with diabetes, good tai chi shoes are important because any injury to the foot can be very hard to recover and also may lead to serious infection.

There are lots of shoes on the market but it really is essential to buy the right shoes for the purposes of your training, such as the quick direction changes typically needed in a martial art or the shoes helping in controlling balance during tai chi.

As we train indoor, the tai chi shoes you buy should be specifically designed for indoor usage. Sometimes indoor volleyball and also tennis shoes are acceptable because they are designed for quick side-to-side movements that perform in class.

You want to support your feet, however, have movement so you could enjoy your training session. The tai chi shoes should have increased mobility so what that means is that it supports the foot as well as ankle, however, isn’t so rigid as to disallow flexibility in the foot.

High-soled shoes do not allow this and must be avoided. There should be enough grip to hold onto the mat or carpet surface of the club floors. Rubber grip surface well. A stable platform is essential so you do not fall over.

If you could afford to, keep your tai chi shoes just for your training and use your other sneakers for outdoor usage. One pair of sneakers really does not cover all of your fitness needs. Obviously, it goes without saying that sneakers must always be clean.


The Best Tai Chi Shoes Reviews

Tai chi shoes are a vital part of tai chi practice. Whether you’re learning or training tai chi, you need the right tai chi shoes for you. There are several popular tai chi shoe choices and we have enlisted here best tai chi shoes reviews.

the best tai chi shoes reviews

Tiger Claw Feiyue Martial Arts Shoes

Tiger Claw Feiyue shoes are fairly popular, you’ve probably currently seen them on your fellow Tai Chi practitioners. These shoes were made to be very simple but durable with a rubber sole for more grip. As you could tie them they give you more foothold. They are available in white or black, and even as high tops. Besides being utilized for Tai Chi practice, this Feiyue shoes could also serve some other martial art purpose like Kung Fu.

the best tai chi shoes reviews 2

Rubber Sole Tai Chi Shoes

Rubber sole tai chi shoes are a hybrid of the cloth shoes as well as sports shoes. They are typically one of the best tai chi shoes for females because of the smaller sizes as well as it has a rubber sole with a canvas upper that could help you to perform better Tai Chi. They are very comfy, last a long time, and also are cheap. You could also have this for your kids and elders for the day-to-day exercise around the house.

the best tai chi shoes reviews 3

Cotton Sole Kung Fu Shoes

Cotton sole kung fu shoes are very practical for some practitioners. The main advantages are that you have an immediate connection with the ground as well as they are really cheap and also they pack up flat so they are easy to carry. These kung fu shoes are suitable for indoor training where the floor has a carpet or provides some sort of traction. However, I would not recommend wearing these cotton sole shoes in the park because your feet may get wet.
the best tai chi shoes reviews 4

Tiger Claw Martial Art Shoes

This is a special martial art brought to you by Tiger Claw which is the leading sportswear for martial training. These shoes were made from soft as well as durable leather to ensure the comfy with the rubber sole for better grip on the floor. This is the most wanted shoes for your Tai Chi practice.


What Type of Shoes is Best Suited For Tai Chi Practice?

What Type of Shoes is Best Suited For Tai Chi Practice

Choosing the best shoes for tai chi practice is actually very important because the wrong shoes can inhibit your form, making it hard to turn or pivot as well as possibly even lead to knee problems. The right tai chi shoes will help you connect to the ground, pivot on one leg as well as twist easily without knee strain. Below you will find help in picking the right shoes for tai chi practice.


Comfort is the most important feature. Seems like a given, however, you would be surprised at the variety of people who try hard to make uncomfortable shoes work because they are certain this particular shoe is going to be the best tai chi shoes ever.

Flat Soles:

I am talking about real flat soles without any tread, like boat shoes. Flat soles help you connect to the ground as well as really feel the Earth. Flat soles tennis shoes are an acceptable alternative, however, if you have a problem with your arches and need more support, wear your favorite athletic shoes. You definitely want to avoid shoes with heels or heavy treads.

Light Weight and Flexibility:

Flexible shoes help you move through the transitions smoothly. Both of these features help your connection to the ground.


Best of luck finding a shoe that fits all the other categories as well as lasts.


How to Fit Your Tai Chi Shoes Properly?

how to fit your tai chi shoes properly

Proper fit your tai chi shoes should feel snug without any lateral movements as well as do not buy the tai chi shoes if they feel tight and also expect them to stretch. The properly fit of tai chi shoes is important to avoid foot discomfort as well as prevent injuries.

To obtain a perfect tai chi shoes fit to follow these steps:

  • Your heel does not slip up as well as down in the tai chi shoes
  • Your toe needs to touch the front of the tai chi shoes however without any stress
  • If you are able to move your foot back-and-forth then your tai chi shoes is too big
  • Properly fit of tai chi shoes should be snug in the heel without any stress on the instep
  • Wear tai chi socks for your fit test
  • Try half sizes till you find the tai chi shoes that fits you perfect Chi ShoesHow to Fit Your Tai Chi Shoes Properly,Tai Chi Shoes,The Best Tai Chi Shoes Reviews,What Type of Shoes is Best Suited For Tai Chi PracticeThe Tai Chi Shoes Tai Chi is a Chinese martial art that is practiced for both defenses as well as health advantages. It is a practice that will teach you to have a tough, however, soft movement with your hands and also legs. So in order to help you a...It's all about fitness & yoga tips that you should know.