The Best Yoga Mat Online

yoga mat online (1)Are you searching for a high-quality yoga mat or other yoga accessories? Then Yoga mat online is the place for you.

Yoga mat online store, selling quality exercise supplies is what they do finest. Purchasing yoga accessories that just last for a short period could be frustrating, and not to mention costly.

The yoga mat online can withstand rigorous use and support different weights during training sessions. Take a look at the yoga mat bags or blocks in yoga mat online store and decide what’s best for you, the durability goes without saying.

Yoga mat online offers a wide variety of yoga mats and other products had to practice yoga. That every yoga mat online and every product must give you a feeling of satisfaction and comfort.

That is the only way to understand for sure that you will choose a yoga mat online that totally suits your wishes and preferences and will please you for a long period of time. That is why the yoga mat online store offers durable yoga supplies, which give you true value for money.

Yoga Mats Online from

Yoga intends to unite the body, mind, and soul then bring this harmony into a balanced state. Such a state is obtainable if the physique is relaxed and is not experiencing pressure throughout the meditation. Yoga mats are vital tools to totally immerse into that meditative flow. Yoga mat online from has yoga mats for every condition and for the comfort-conscious yogis.

Yoga mat online from offers fitness mats for all kinds of yogis, whether you practice yoga to enhance health, to become more versatile or to accomplish moksha. Newbie yogis can begin with the lightweight and easy on the pocket exercise mats from Valeo or Gaiam Tree.

More major yogis will wish to purchase the thicker and more durable fitness mats from Aurorae, which are made from impact-absorbent and durable materials. Pro Source, Angel Beauty, and other brands likewise offer ultra-thick mats for max comfort.

Slipping and sliding of yoga mats are common problems when practicing yoga, specifically throughout a sweat session. To resolve these problems, fitness and yoga equipment manufacturers produced non-slip mats.

Choose from our substantial choice of nonslip mats offered in different brands, consisting of Yoga Monster, Yoga Accessories, Pro Source, Manduka, and Yogitoes. These yoga mats feature high-grip performance without sacrificing the user’s’ comfort.

Practicing yoga is a lot easier with comfy, non-slip and moisture-resistant yoga mats at hand. Yoga mat online from provides you access to a big selection of fitness mats that not just offer comfort, however also improve your performance.

What is a Yoga Mats?

yoga-matYoga mats are specifically fabricated mats utilized as an aid during the practice of hatha yoga to prevent hands and feet slipping throughout asana practice. They are also commonly understood as non-skid mats, non-slip mats or sticky mats.

Yoga mats are made with some cushioning that will protect the joints, but not too much and they are created to not slip on the floorings which will protect you from a fall in a not so easy to fall in position. These 2 features are 2 of the most important ones because they affect the success of the exercise.

Types Of Yoga Mats

  1. Basic Sticky Yoga Mats
  2. Natural Rubber Yoga Mats
  3. Thermoplastic Elastomer Yoga Mats
  4. Hemp Yoga Mats
  5. Travel Yoga Mats
  6. Organic Cotton Yoga Mats
  7. Jade Harmony Yoga Mats
  8. Bamboo Yoga Mats

The 8 Best websites To Buy Yoga Mat Online


You don’t have to bend over backward to looking for the good places to buy a yoga mat online.

A good yoga mat online is a should guarantee a solid foundation on which you can securely practice yoga and its extremely challenging poses. With so many types of mats out there varying in styles, thickness and material being sold in yoga mat online and store, it can be quite a challenge to find the best one.

The Finder team has narrowed down your search to the top 8 retailers carrying the most stylish and functional mats out there. These brands pride themselves on great customer service, easy returns, and even free delivery! With such an extensive list to choose from, meeting your perfect yoga mat online won’t be difficult at all.

The Top Websites For Yoga Mat Online

Lorna Jane – Active living can’t get any better with the Lorna Jane collection – fashionable activewear designed for women by women.

  • Collection is made with industry leading technology, high-performance fabrics, and professional craftsmanship
  • Get in on the latest additions and exclusive discounts online and in store when you sign up to be a Lorna Jane member
  • New bespoke designs updated monthly

David Jones – Shop brand name yoga wear and accessories at one of Australia’s most iconic department store.

  • David Jones strives to be a responsible retailer by sourcing environmentally friendly and ethical products
  • Price match guarantees on national and international brand names
  • Shop with the David Jones card to earn reward and Qantas points with every purchase

Sweaty Betty – UK-based Sweaty Betty designs are specially designed for the most demanding of workouts without compromising on style.

  • Wide range of women’s activewear and accessories to cater to all activities
  • Join the Sweaty Betty community for tips and ideas on fashion, healthy living and more
  • Shop feminine designs and high-tech fabrics from the collection

Sporting House Direct – Boasting more than 45 years of sporting retail experience and wide range, Sporting House Direct will satisfy all your sporting needs.

  • Extensive range of sportswear, accessories, and equipment for every sport
  • Purchase now, pay later option with zipMoney
  • 30-day money back guarantee

Red Tiger – The Red Tiger range of yoga clothes is 100% Australian made and designed in house so each piece is unique and of the top quality.

  • Great designs that last long, fits well and is very comfortable
  • Gift cards available for that special someone or just to treat yourself
  • One stop shops for apparel and accessories specially designed for the practice of yoga

Big W – Big W has a wide range of accessories and activewear. This leading Australian department store is friendly on the wallet too.

  • Choose to collect your online orders from a physical store all across Australia
  • Great range of items at affordable prices
  • Earn loyalty points with the Woolworths Rewards card

Lululemon – This Canadian brand of activewear is built on the insights of yoga instructors to create products that are both functional and beautiful.

  • Top quality fabric made with the best craftsmanship
  • Free shipping with no minimum spend
  • Free returns within 14 days of purchase

Rebel Sport – Founded in 1985, Rebel Sport has actually come a very long way in establishing themselves as a leading retailer of sporting and leisure equipment, footwear and apparel.

  • Wide variety of equipment and apparel from the best sporting brands in the industry
  • Helpful and knowledgeable customer service is always on standby to lend you a hand
  • Easy to use website and 91 physical stores across Australia

How to Choose The Best Yoga Mat Online?

yoga-mat-online (1)

Looking to buy a yoga mat online? If you think the only considerations are its color and design, think again. Not all yoga mats are produced equal. Here’re the best ways to make the best decision.

Whether a dabbler in down-dog or a daily yoga, investing in a good yoga mat is essential. That trusty mat provides comfort between the floor and body, cushioning hips, knees, and elbows when flowing through the poses. The mat also creates a boundary for personal space.

Use this guide to help you find a yoga mat online you can be blissfully happy with — one that suits your practice, priorities, lifestyle, values, and budget. Aside from materials, there is a slew of other factors that go into choosing the best yoga mat online for your practice.


If you need a mat with a lot of grips, look for a mat made of naturally sticky material like mats with a textured surface area or PVC. Both will help keep you from sliding, giving the user a steady and safe foundation from which to perform some complex and sometimes difficult poses. The stickiness of your mat determines how steady you would feel in your yoga exercise practice. When choosing the yoga mat to use, go for one that has enough levels of stickiness on either side. So make sure that the yoga mats you look at have a great level of stickiness on both sides so you can carry out your yoga poses safely and sturdily.


A standard yoga exercise mat is about 1/8 inch thick, while the thickest mats will be around ¼” thick. The thickness of your yoga exercise mat has a lot to do with your comfort. A yoga exercise mat that is too thick, on the other hand, may be too unsteady and difficult to stand on, when the position requires. Thicker yoga exercise mats also require more storage space in your car, home or gym locker.

There are very thin yoga exercise mats that are just 1/16” thick. Thin yoga exercise mats are good for those who wish to feel a greater connection with the floor and desire a mat that is easily transportable. Too thin, though, and your knees may get banged up during a lunge. They roll easy, easy carry, and are good for the standing poses but you may find that using them on hard floors can be really painful when doing the sitting and lying postures.

Some like it thick; some like it thin. Mat thickness is largely a personal choice, but the type of yoga you practice can also be a determining factor. For those who like more cushioning, consider a thicker mat. But if a mat has too much cushion and not enough density, the connection to the earth might be lost; balance poses may feel unsteady; and knees, wrists, and hip joints may be distressed.

For a Hot Vinyasa class, you might wish to think about buying a standard 1/4- or 1/8-inch mat, as well as a yoga towel for the top of your mat.


The material your yoga mat is made of dictates its texture, stickiness, and sponginess. It is also important to think about for wear and tear over time, as well as its friendliness to the environment. If you’re allergic to latex, avoid yoga mats made from natural rubber. If you want to stick with the tried and real sticky mat, pick a yoga mat made out of PVC, which can suffer you use and abuse for more than a decade.

Most standard yoga mats are made of PVC, otherwise known as vinyl. If you are more mindful of the environment, consider buying a mat made utilizing eco-friendly materials, such as jute, recycled rubber and organic or natural cotton. Some eco-friendly brands include Jade or Manduka, which can be found in a variety of colors and sizes.


The texture of your yoga mat determines how much traction it provides. PVC and Rubber will vary in different textures and that will depend largely on the manufacturer. A texture is another important consideration when choosing the right yoga mat. Mats have different surfaces, but a lot of yogis agree that it’s best to have a mat that feels most natural. If you like completely smooth textures, you will most likely want to get a PVC mat that has a smooth texture. Jute yoga mats have an organic roughness to them, although PVC yoga mats, though a little textured, have a softer feel. Some eco-friendly yoga mats might amaze you with how much traction they provide although they do not have the standard “sticky” feel.


The price of yoga mats ranges from $10 to over $100, which is a significantly wide margin. Normally, a standard 1/8 inch thick, plain solid-color PVC sticky yoga mat will be towards the low end of the price range. Yoga mats at the lower end of the spending spectrum are normally made from PVC. The mats on the higher end are most likely made of rubber, a combination of PVC and rubber or an eco-friendly material. The price tag increases with brand name and materials utilized. Just to let u know that a quality mat is well worth the investment.

The Best Yoga Mat Online Review

Finding the best yoga mat online that’s right for you can be quite a mission. In some ways purchasing yoga mat online is like purchasing a pair of trainers for running. Some people need support, some desire a more flexible sole, some buy based on looks and some prefer to go barefoot. Think about what you really need from your mat. If you prefer Bikram yoga search for one with extra strong grip – sweaty palms mean there’s more potential to slip while holding difficult poses. Whether you are purchasing your first ever yoga mat or are searching for a specialty mat for traveling or Hot Yoga. So this yoga mat online review is our opinion based on our individual wants and needs.

Liforme Yoga Mat Review

liforme yoga mat (1)

Thickness: 4.2 mm. This mat has the best thickness. It’s comfy but also very sturdy.

Stickiness and texture: This mat has amazing grip. The surface area of the mat is smooth however, there is no hope of slipping in down dog!

Price: $140

Material: Eco-friendly Polyurethane, Natural Rubber. The top layer is absorbent which is good for maintaining your grip.

Eco-friendliness: Eco-friendliness is also an additional feature of a Liforme yoga mat. As described above, the rubber that is used to design this mat is naturally sourced. It is produced keenly without the use of toxic substances.

Size & style: Liforme is 72.8″ x 26.8″ (185 cm long x 68 cm wide). It is one of the biggest yoga mats on the mats today. These dimensions additionally make this mat heavy to bring. So it is not a mat that you will want to bring with you whenever you get on the transportation.

Because of this weight, the produce includes a mat bag complete with a strap for less complicated transportation. Liforme comes in a wide variety of colors for those that are sensitive to different colors. You could either choose a pink, blue, gray or eco-friendly color.

Manduka PRO Yoga Mat Review


Best Yoga Mat

The Manduka PRO is worth the substantial price since it can outlast just about any other yoga mat, reviewers say, even with everyday use. This extra-thick mat has superb dry traction and is especially good for advanced moves or anyone who needs a little bit of extra cushioning. Reviewers say it’s also easy to keep clean. The PRO is 2 inches wider than a lot of mats and is available with extra length, making it ideal for any yogi who wants more space.

Thickness: ¼ inch or 6 mm. This mat has a nice thickness and it feels really stable.

Stickiness & texture: The mat has no slipping and the texture is a little bit rough – a fabric-like surface.

Price: $85 – 100

Material: PVC but latex free!

Eco-friendliness: Although these mats are made with PVC, Manduka say that it is made in a process where no toxic emissions are released.

Size & style: available in 2 different sizes (180cm/210cm).

Jade Travel Yoga Mat ⅛ inch Review

Jade-Travel-mat-o (1)

Best Travel Yoga Mat

Some Travel Yoga mats sacrifice performance for portability, but reviewers say that will not be the case with the Jade Travel yoga mat. A versatile choice that provides enough stability even for hot yoga, the mat is still thin enough to roll up tightly for traveling. The super-absorbent natural rubber surface also makes it an eco-friendly choice. The mat is available in 2 lengths, so yogis can decide whether to keep things as light as possible or choose for some extra space.

Thickness: ⅛ inch or 3.2 mm. Jade’s thinnest mat is very sturdy. It does not gather during Sun Salutations and grounds you well in balancing poses.

Stickiness & texture: Great immediate grip on this mat, very much because of its rough texture. Due to this, though it does mark very easily. It has good resistance and does not do all the work for you!

Price: $54,95 – 59,95

Material: Natural rubber, there’s a bit of a rubbery smell but not too strong and not unpleasant.

Eco-friendliness: The Jade Travel yoga mats are super friendly to our ecosystem. Their mats are made from natural rubber. They are made in the United States and they plant a tree for every mat they sell.

Size & style: The mat is available in 2 lengths (68 inches /74 inches) and in 5 different colors with a straightforward design.

Jade Harmony Professional Yoga Mat Review

Jade Harmony Professional Yoga Mat

Best Hot Yoga Mat

The sweaty hot yoga classes are still no match for the Jade Harmony Professional Yoga Mat’s superb traction, reviewers say. The Jade Harmony Yoga Mat open-cell surface area locks away moisture to prevent slipping, and also the natural rubber material makes this a greener choice for anyone who wishes to avoid PVC or other synthetic materials. Available with both extra width and length, the Jade Harmony Professional is ideal for anyone who wants to nab a bit more breathing room in a crowded studio.

Jade Harmony yoga mats are known for being made with all-natural rubber materials, causing a stickier mat for lots of grasp in down dog. Traction is unbelievably essential in my flow classes, so I cannot have a mat that’s slick and smooth. The added stickiness makes a huge difference when I’m starting to leaping and sweat to the front of my mat. My Jade yoga mat online review will hopefully encourage you to get rid of your low-cost mat as well as purchase a much better one.

Thickness: Standard thickness of 3/16 inch (4.72 mm), the Jade Harmony Mat provides a great base for stability for standing poses without being too soft.

Price: $65 – $210

Weight: At a middle of the road 4.5 lbs, the Jade Yoga Harmony Yoga mat is easily portable to and from classes and I will not think twice to take it traveling either.

Materials: Rubber and other proprietary ingredients. This includes ahimsa which means “do no harm”.

Size & style: The Jade Harmony is a normal sized yoga mat, (although The Jade Harmony yoga mat does have a Harmony XW that has an extra 3 inches). The Harmony is 74″ x 24″ (188 cm x 61 cm).

Lululemon The Mat Review

Lululemon The Mat Review

The Best Non-Slip Yoga Mat

The Lululemon The Mat has an innovative moisture-absorbing design made to enhance the grip with increased moisture. The mat includes double sided technology, which indicates you can customize it to your own method. The top of the Lululemon the mat, the “sticky” side, is made of a polyurethane material that soaks up moisture (hence the hold). The bottom side is made of an all-natural rubber that provides more cushion.

If you might overcome the overpowering smell, and you have the tendency to sweat a lot this is a wonderful mat! Not for traveling, but, their travel mat is the top layer of this one, so without having given it a try, that can be great too!

Thickness: (19 inches / 5 mm)- This mat is thick but comfy without feeling unstable. This mat is good for those who like an extra little bit of padding for their knees while still maintaining a strong connection to the ground.

Stickiness & texture: The Lululemon The Mat is a bit ‘plasticky’ so it does feel a little like lying on lino. This mat has a really smooth texture and the grip/anti-slip is fabulous.

Price: $68

Material: It’s made from latex, rubber, and polyurethane. If you are in any way sensitive to latex then we do not recommend this mat. It has a really overpowering smell that’s not very comfortable.

Eco-friendliness: The chemical smell from this mat is not encouraging. Not ranking high in this area.

Size and style: 71″ x 26″ (180 cm x 66 cm) and also available in a variety of colors. Mat OnlineHow to Choose The Best Yoga Mat Online,The 8 Best websites To Buy Yoga Mat Online,The Best Yoga Mat Online Review,Yoga Mat OnlineThe Best Yoga Mat Online Are you searching for a high-quality yoga mat or other yoga accessories? Then Yoga mat online is the place for you. Yoga mat online store, selling quality exercise supplies is what they do finest. Purchasing yoga accessories that just last for a short period could be...It's all about fitness & yoga tips that you should know.